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Double Propeller Bubble Frog

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Double Propeller Bubble Frog is the ultimate surface lure! Our Frog lures have an original design and 2 rotating flippers that provide a string of bubbles and an exceptional sound between "buzzbait" and "plopper".

Top-class armament and body construction significantly improve the effectiveness of cuts and reduce snagging. With the slightest movement, the flippers will spin and make a very peculiar sound. Active and reactive fish can not resist its call. Impression on the surface is guaranteed!


  • Double loud prop
  • Streamlined body
  • Bass can easily see the 3D realistic eyes
  • Custom-formulated digitally printed colors kick start a wild day on the water
  • 2 high quality laser sharpened hooks, invisible from underneath
  • Weedless design
  • Wide gap hooks
  • Great top water action
  • Length: 3.5 in. / 9 cm.
  • Weight: ½ oz. / 13.6 gr.