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Powerful Mini Flashlight 300 lumen

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Never struggle in the dark again! 300 lumens right out of your pocket! This is TIKI!



  • Utilizes a primary OSRAM P8 LED with a max output of 300 lumens
  • Up to 77 yards distance
  • 1260 cd beam intensity
  • TIKI: Utilizes an auxiliary high CRI white LED (CRI≥90; Color Temperature: 4500K) and an auxiliary UV LED (Power: 500mW; Wavelength: 365nm)
  • TIKI LE: Utilizes an auxiliary red LED and an auxiliary blue LED
  • The primary white light utilizes a total reflective optic lens for a uniform and soft beam
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery with a Micro-USB port
  • Advanced Power Cut-Off (APC) technology for an ultralow parasitic drain
  • One hand operable interface controls 3 outputs with a single switch
  • Head constructed from metallic materials with a superior heat dissipation capability (TIKI: Stainless Steel; TIKI LE: Aluminum Alloy)
  • Body constructed from durable PC (V0) materials
  • Rating in accordance with IP66
  • Impact resistant to 1 meter
  • Length: 55mm (2.17”) 
  • Head Diameter: 14.7mm (0.58”)
  • Weight: TIKI: 12g (0.42oz), TIKI LE: 10.5g (0.37oz)


  • 22 lumen secondary high CRI output
  • Blinking high CRI mode
  • 365nm, 500mW secondary UV output


  • Secondary red LED
  • Secondary blue LED
  • Police flashing mode

 Package Contains:

  • 1 x TIKI / TIKI LE
  • 1 x Key Clasp