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Wobbler Minnow 7g 10g 14g

$6.95 $17.95

The Minnow Wobbler is available in 3 sizes and comes in six fish-attracting colors. The Wobbler features a bent back for deep diving cranking action that gives the bait an erratic side-to-side kick and drives the predator fish crazy! Each Minnow Wobbler comes pre-rigged with a nose split ring and 2 ultra-sharp treble hooks.

The super realistic details combined with great action and casting distance – make the Minnow a fantastic addition to every fisherman's arsenal.


  • Can be trolled or casted to a multitude of gamefish. 
  • Minnow details in the face and body structure. 
  • Tight wobble calls to gamefish from a distance.
  • Bent back deep diving crank.
  • Great casting distance with the built-in magnetic silent long cast system.
  • Floating lure design.
  • Erratic side-to-side kick.
  • Rigged with 2 ultra-sharp treble hooks
  • Pre-rigged with nose split ring
  • Great for bass, trout, pike and many more.
  • Length7.5cm/9cm/11cm
  • Weight: 7g/10g/14g
  • Sinking speed: 4 sec for 1 meter, 4 sec for 1 meter, 3 sec for 1 meter